Endangered animals

Updated: 5/16/2021
Endangered animals

Storyboard Text

  • Hello Mr, Tiger. I am here to research on endangered animals. I was very sad to know that you will soon be extinct!
  • Well, little girl. I am glad children like you are taking interest in us. Did you know HUMANS are the biggest threat to our existence? Let me show you..
  • Oh! I need to make this man know he needs to use Iron or Plastic instead of wood.
  • You see this man, He is cutting the trees to use the wood for building homes, making space for farmlands etc. What he does not care about is that we are losing our natural habitat.
  • Yes. I understand. Humans should look into better ways to reduce pollution.
  • Humans also dump factory waste into our waters and the air gets polluted. When we drink the water and breathe this air, we get sick and die soon.This also caused climate change due to global warming.