The Lost Colony Storyboard
Updated: 12/16/2019
The Lost Colony Storyboard
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  • In 1587, John White and 117 colonists departed England to set up a colony at Roanoke Island. When they arrived, they found the island deserted.
  • Two years earlier, an unsuccessful attempt had been made to establish a settlement on Roanoke Island. Sir Richard Grenville left 100 men on the island and returned to England to get supplies. He brought back supplies and 15 more men. The previous 100 men left the island.
  • Less than a month later, on August 18, 1587, White’s daughter gave birth to a girl named Virginia – the first English child born in North America.
  • White decided to return to England because he needed supplies.
  • When he returned to the island in 1590(almost three years later), everything had vanished. All people, animals, and homeswere gone.
  • One such theory is that the settlers were killed by Indians.
  • Another more far-fetched theory isthat this is a case of alien abductions,but no concrete evidence has been found to support this theory.
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