Updated: 3/16/2021

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  • What should I do with my life. It seems like no one can understand me if I tell them that I still don't plan in life.
  • Uh it's for me?
  • P13. The most important thing for you to understand is though you may be convinced otherwise, whatever happens in this crazy, upside down life, you will never, ever be alone. So maybe, just once in a while, will you keep this in mind and be a little kinder to me.
  • Shane is alone at her room thinking about what are her plans about life. While her mother was in downstairs. She don't have any idea that her mother is writing a letter for her downstairs.
  • Mommy, I'm sorry if I made you feel that way, it's just that I feel like the world is really against me and it's suffocating to live a life where I think no one understands me.
  • Shane decided to go downstairs to get a drink and her mother were going to the market. Their way didn't cross. When Shane went downstairs the door is already close and she see the letters on the table.
  • Shh, I understand you, Shane. You're still building your life. Always remember that mommy is always here for you. I love you and I will support you, always.
  • Out of curiosity she read the letter and didn't expect that the letter is actually for her and it was from her mother. On the other side her mother forget something at the house so she decided to go back.
  • I promise to be more kind to you, Mom. I love you so much.
  • I love you, Shane. Mommy's always here for you and you will always be my baby!
  • Shane still reading the letter when her mom saw her. Her mom didn't expect that she will see Shane crying while reading her letter.
  • Her mother decided to go to her and give her a hug. Shane realized that her mother is the best in the whole wide world, it's just that she was focusing on the other perspective of life that she didn't notice that her mother really cares so much to her. She said sorry and everything to her mother and she hug her mother, too.
  • Shane and her mother went to living room and decided to talk about the things that they missed. The event where Shane was so happy, sad, and everything. They talk about everything. Shane promise to her mother that she will be kind to her mother and she will always obey her mother because after all it's all about her safety.
  • THE END...