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Updated: 11/5/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Good evening, My name is Paul, I am a brain surgon living in a command economy.
  • Hello Paul, My name is Michael, I am a construction worker living in a mixed market economy.
  • What is it like living in a command economy?
  • Well with a command economy, their are low unemployment rates, and everyone has access to healthcare and necessary services to live, for low or free.
  • That sounds great! Command economy's sound way better then mixed markets economies where all the government does is raises taxes, and rewards are only to productive resources not the poor, sick or young.
  • Well everything is not perfect, with society being determined all by the government the workers tend to strive for quantity over quality, and the economy is not flexible with day to day changes.
  • Since you demonstrated your economy as so negative, what positives are there?
  • The biggest plus is resources, goods & services are directed where they are most useful, and there is individual freedom for everyone.
  • With my economy, a major goal is to supply enough food, housing, and other basics needs for everyone. Another goal is to use all money, goods and services to the best of their abilities without wasting anything.
  • and with my economy they try to strive for equal opportunities and have laws to protect people from discrimination, But also growth is a major goal so that the economy has tax breaks and businesses and job training.
  • So basically with a command economy the government makes all economic decisions. Goverments decide how to make goods and services, and who to give them too. While my mixed market economy base decisons on supply and demand and free organizations. In mixed economies business decide how to produce, and the goods and services are usually produced for the consumers.
  • Yes! Thats exactly right. I love how we were able to both discuss the differences between our economies. But as you can see its getting late, Until next time Michael.
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