Updated: 3/16/2020

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  • ahhh fresh air
  • ahhh!!!!
  • what have I done!!
  • Once apon a time there was a 15 year old boy called Elky.He liked to walk a lot.On Tuesday the 19th 2020 he went for a walk in his neighbor hood.
  • how are you feeling sweaty
  • yeah I am ok mum
  • When he was going back home he was crossing the road and a red Porche came in fast at a speed limit of 70 .Elky though that the red Porche was way feather but his thought was wrong.
  • whats up
  • Hi bro
  • Elky gets hit by the red Porche.The lady in the car got out and took him to the hospital.He got a cast and the lady took him home after he got his cast.
  • No why would I am your bet friend I would never do that
  • I thought you were going to make fun of me
  • Elky was brought home by the woman.He went to his bedroom and stared at the roof.His mother thanked the woman and went to Elkys room.She said that tomorrow you havt go to school.
  • Elky and his best friend john meet at the front of the school and the bell rang.they both went to class together,They had science.
  • At Science Elky asked john are you going to make fun of me because a have a broken hand.He said no your my best friend.THE END