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Updated: 2/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I pulled out the sword and stole it! Not Kay!
  • Kay stood on the stone, holding the sword in the center of the city- when suddenly Merlin appeared
  • Did you pull the sword out of the stone?
  • Please put the sword back and pull it again..
  • Only the real king could pull it out
  • I am the one holding it, Sir.
  • Oh god... what am i gonna do? Arthur is the one who pulled it out earlier.
  • I figured....
  • I can't do it Sir!
  • Wait! it's my fault.
  • Oh god...
  • Arthur, I'm gonna need you to pull the sword out of the stone
  • Just do as I say
  • What? why?
  • Long live king Arthur!
  • We have a new king!
  • I'm the new king?!
  • Noooooooo
  • Hurray!!!!