The Tell Tale Heart
Updated: 11/9/2018
The Tell Tale Heart
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  • Hang in there! I'll be there in a minute!
  • I was sitting quietly watching the latest episode of "Keeping Up With The Governor" and then I heard a loud shriek, it was from my next door neighbors house and it sounded like Sourel Lemon the old man that lives in the house with his aid. 
  • Open up! This is Officer John Brown with the Mississippi Water Bank Police!
  • It was a dark and rainy night, my police car had a flat tire and was sent off to a nearby car fixing place. I was hoping there would be a crime so I could get inside a warm cozy house, I was delighted when I heard a lady calling down to me that she heard a scream. Don't get me wrong a person screaming is serious but a warm cozy house is exactly what I needed.
  • Sure why don't you come in for a nice cup of tea!
  • Hi, a lady by the name of Ms. Sarah Karen called me over saying she heard a scream coming from this house. She said it sounded like someone by the name of Sourel Lemon. May I see this man please?
  • I made it up into the warm cozy home and the lady, named Sarah Karen, told me what had happened. I've heard many stories like this in the same way but this story was different because I had felt a sense that this was real, not just little kids screaming but this was real. It had sent shivers down my spine and I was determined to figure out what had happened.
  • Umm...sir are you alright? You look very pale...
  • As I approached the house I wondered if Ms. Karen had heard things, since she is an old lady, and now I am here waking up these poor people from their slumber. I checked my watch, it was 12:48 am, but just in case there was a crime I knocked on the old cherry colored door.
  • The man finally opened the door, I told him the information I had heard from Ms. Karen, he looked quite shocked but he tried to hide it. His voice was very shaky but as he tried to hide the subject i was talking about he invited me inside his house for some tea.
  • He had a very lovely home, this man, but after about ten minutes of talking he started to get pale and his face dropped into this very surprised and scared emotion. Little drops of sweat grew from his forehead and fell to his rug. I had thought he was having an attack or something serious. I asked him if he was okay and continued to keep a very close eye on him.
  • Y-yes, yes! I'm and alright! Ha ha ha! I am really ok!
  • More minutes went by and then all of a sudden the man grew angry, he got up from his chair and yelled! Then he started tearing up his fine wood planks, and under all the wood and dust there, right in front of my eyes he lifted up the body of Sourel Lemon.
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