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Phil The Firefighter Saves The Town!
Updated: 2/19/2020
Phil The Firefighter Saves The Town!
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  • Firefighter Phil Saves The Town!
  • By: Shiv Patel
  • Hello, my name is Phil. I am a firefighter. Every day I put of numerous fires, and save the lives of many. This is what my average day fighting fires and helping others would be like.
  • Oh no! There is a cat stuck in a tree! I need to find out how high the cat is. Let's use trig! I am standing 20 feet away from the tree. I am looking at the tree at a 55 degree angle. To find the height of the tree, I will do tan(55)*7. I will get ~9.99. I found out that the tree is about 10 feet tall.
  • There is a boy stuck on the top floor! I need to find how tall of a ladder is needed to reach the boy. The building is 35 feet tall. The ladder is facing the window where the boy is at at a 65 degree angle. I did sin(65)*(35/x). I got ~38.60. I will need to make my ladder 38.60 feet long to save the boy.
  • It is a rainy day and a boy and his pet goldfish are stuck on top roof of their apartment building! The firetruck ladder if lean against the apartment and is 33 feet long. The firetruck is 21 feet away from the apartment. I need to find at what angle is the ladder leaning against the building. To find it I will do cos-1(21/33) and get ~50.47. The ladder is leaning against the building at a 50.50 degree angle.
  • Finally! My shift for the day is over. This is my average day as a firefighter and they many adventures I go though each day helping and saving countless lives!
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