Updated: 3/29/2021

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  • K.J. started his first day opening his Pizzeria called Kai's Pizza. Only his mom visited this first day. (FS)(Ground Level) (Eye Level) (Dolly)
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  • Kai's PIzzeria
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  • After the tough day of work, research is done to find out the problems within the business and how to grow it. (POV) (Over the Shoulder) (Dolly)
  • - How do you grow a pizza business? - How to be more creative with owning a business? - How to grab customers' attention while owning a small business?
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  • While playing tennis the next morning before work, K.J. thinks about implementing his research into his business. (FS) (Ground Level) (Over the Shoulder) (Truck)
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  • Walking into work customers are already waiting for K.J. to open the shop. (FS) (Ground Level) (Eye Level) (Dolly)
  • New customers have loved the new experience from the Pizzeria and new customers were in line as well. (FS)(Ground Level) (Eye Level) (Dolly)
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  • The next day after work, K.J. has a drink and discusses more plans to expand Kai's pizzeria in different ways. (MFS) (Ground Level) (Eye Level) (Dolly)