britney the bully
Updated: 7/29/2020
britney the bully
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britney makes her 'friends' drink 'lemonade' and they get drunk

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  • On Wednesday, the second night of Year 8 Camp, we were chilling in our cabin UNTIL...
  • .
  • Umm, what are you doing in our cabin?
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  • Well if it isn't my sister, Brittany!
  • You guys really think I'm treating you specially? I'm just being nice and giving out lemonade to everyone in year 8.
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  • Ok we trust you. Give us some.
  • Seriously? I don't trust you.
  • C'mon, V.
  • NO.
  • o
  • What is are thease glitttters on teh brige? they taste NIIICE.
  • Oh my! A-are you guys okay? What is that noise?
  • They look hilarious rolling around in their tacky clothes. Especially grandma on the right.
  • Take a photo and send it to everyone!
  • We're 14 year olds. Our brains are developing and drinking, especially the whole bottle, is unsafe!
  • BRITTANY! What did you put in those drinks?
  • Some?! No way! You probably poured the whole bottle!
  • Whatever. It's a shame you didn't drink the lemonade. Mum would've been so mad when I showed her the pics.
  • Just some vodka.
  • Why is everyone out here? And why is Betty in the river and Lea rolling around.
  • Yes, ok. You saw the vodka fall in and didn't even throw the drink away. Come with me, girls.
  • hey mrs teacher. They secretly poured vodka in lemonade and gave it to my friends.
  • It was an accident! The bottle slipped and fell into the drinks. I AM SO SORRY.
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