Chloe's Party 2
Updated: 1/28/2021
Chloe's Party 2

Storyboard Text

  • The food poisoning at Chloe's party could have been avoided by cleaning the utensils properly, cooking the burgers for the certain amount of time necessary, and making sure that everyone washed their hands before eating.
  • White blood cells fight the bacteria and in most cases, destroy it.
  • The bacteria first has to overcome the skin barrier.
  • One of the body's key immune responses is to flood the infected area with antimicrobial proteins that include calprotectin, which removes zinc from the bacteria. Without enough of the zinc, most pathogens eventually die.
  • The bacteria could have entered the beef burgers because cows have E-Coli and salmonella usually breed in their gut. There is a chance the beef could have been infected because of the bacteria on the cow.
  • The body prepares itself from a future infection by creating antibodies to fight the bacteria. These antibodies then leave a collection of cells called memory cells which remember the bacteria and fight against it in the case of a future infection
  • In most cases of salmonella, the patient gets better and recovers. Let's pay a visit to Chloe and her friends and try to help her cure the bacteria inside her body.
  • Hello, kids. I'm doctor Feifei Wang. I'm here to help you recover from salmonella!
  • Yes, and I will try my best to fix that! Her are some fluids and some pills you should take.
  • Our stomachs hurt!
  • That's great kids!
  • Wow! I feel better already!
  • Me too!