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The train thunder
Updated: 2/25/2019
The train thunder
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  • Exposition
  • Hi I´m Sarah´s dad and this is my daughter, today we are going to talk about what happend
  • Hi I´m Sarah and this my dad 
  • Conflict
  • Today is the worse day of my life because I lost my favorite bracelet and I turned in the wrong assignment. No!
  • Rising Action
  • Hey Sarah are you OK why are u sad don't cry........ how am I going to cheer her up ?
  • No I'm not OK its the worse day I lost something that was my favorite thing.
  • This story is about a wagon train and this is Sarah and her dad they are the two main characters in this story.There was a big hurricane that coming over to there place and this is how it happen.
  • Climax
  • This is the only way I can surprise Sarah because its  raining she loves the rain...... surprise its raining .
  • Yeah its finally raining best day of my life thanks dad.
  • Sarah had then worst day of her life because she lost her favorite bracelets and she thought that she turned in the right assignment but she turned in the wrong assignment.
  • Falling Action
  • Dad, I'm soo scared
  • Honey its OK  I'm here for you
  • When Sarah came back home dad was telling her that he was worried about her but when her dad saw here crying he had to cheer her up and he had to find a way to
  • Resolution
  • Honey come out the weather has gone dome but there part of the house that came off
  • Yes dad? Whats wrong omg yeah finally it stopped that was scary.
  • It started raining and that was the only way to cheer her up so Sarah's dad tried to find a way to cheer her up and when he went outside it started raining so she called Sarah and surprised her because she loved the rain
  • When they got home there was a big storm and there was thunder and Sarah got scared and told her dad that she is really scared and dad said he was too.
  • Sarah's dad went outside and Sarah told her dad not to but he left and when he went outside he was surprised and he called Sarah out she was happy and she thought that it was something big but there was a hole in the tree because it was a old tree.
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