State of Matter comic strip

Updated: 7/28/2020
State of Matter comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! We are the Molecules present in the Candle.Right now we are in our solid state & our molecules are tightly packed.
  • Oh! I see someone holding the match stick in their hand. I think they are going to light the candle!
  • We are burning!!!
  • Look are melting and turning to liquid now..
  • No, she didn't and that is why you see me as solid even now. I think i will miss you after you melt completely.
  • Yes, the molecules in me are loosening up. That is why I am turning to liquid. Hey! Didn't she light you up?
  • I think i too wil miss you my friend...but i hope some one will help me up in turning back into solid by putting me in a tube like container and cooling me up so that I can stand back with you.
  • Yes, I hope the same.Hey! Look she is trying to blow the candle.Looks like you are not going to melt completely.The molecules will stop melting as the heat is removed.