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Being rebelious.
Updated: 3/26/2019
Being rebelious.
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  • Something smells delicious I wonder what it is?
  • Ahh that was an amazing nap! 1/2
  • I can't wait to go fishing with Zeke! Let's get going! 2/2
  • NO ! 2/2
  • Hello Aunt, How's it going? 1/2
  • Pretty well, thanks for asking. 1/2
  • That was scary. Lets move on1
  • Mind if I have a quick taste? 2/2
  • I think I see Zeke. Let's go!
  • It certainly has been a while, but I have no time to chat now. I'm going to hunt! 1/1
  • Oh okay, see you next time. 2/2
  • Whats up brother, its been a while since I talked to you! 1/2
  • Of course I am. 2/2
  • We had an a amazing time, we caught so many fishes!
  • Hey, Zeke whats up man? How's it going? 1/2
  • It's going pretty well. You ready to fish? 1/2
  • I still don't understand why we didn't keep our fishes? 2/3
  • This guy is really mature. I have to thank him for enlightening me with this information!
  • That's really interesting. 3/3
  • Man I am tired. 1/3
  • Because they are natures free spirits and we cant rob them of their lives.2/2
  • Yeah, me too. 1/2
  • I never got to thank you for the experience that you made me go through. It was really eye opening.
  • No problem brother. Just trying to make the world a better place!
  • The end
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