Major Gen bio 2
Updated: 2/9/2021
Major Gen bio 2

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  • What do you mean by i should stop smoking?
  • Well, I've suffered long enough, I guess it's time.
  • I mean that you should stop! You're getting sick! We're going to the Doctor!
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  • Listen to what Doc will say and do the instructions she'll give. It's for your own good.
  • Yeah yeah, i don't like having this sick feeling anymore so I'll listen and do what the Doc says.
  • 3
  • It's a good thing you guys wanted to stop this, cause in the long run his respiratory system could have been in a worse state. Just follow what I instructed you to do.
  • Thanks a lot doc!
  • 4
  • So what I should do is quit smoking gradually for my body to slowly get used to not smoking, then avoid polluted air and eat healthy? Is that right?
  • Got that right!
  • 5
  • Well, enough of that, Let's sleep!
  • After exercising you seem to have an easy time breathing, when you quit smoking you changed, huh?
  • 1 year after not smoking
  • Well it's thanks to you, I wouldn't be like this now if it wasn't for you!
  • 6
  • I'm glad that I quit smoking, it feels easier to breath no matter what. Maybe I should tell other people who smoke that they should quit and warn others.