Sythisis 1

Updated: 1/22/2019
Sythisis 1

Storyboard Text

  • Yes your definitely right Josi these are no longer "my students" or " your students" they are all "our students and we should always think of them that way! By catering to their needs. (pg.27)
  • Hey Beth I think we should start brainstorming some new techniques to included all of our students for this week!
  • I think one main idea to keep in mind is to keep the learning more engaging than lecture orientated. Lets do some group work today and whenever Joey answers a question you pose to the class I will read it aloud for him. (pg.24)
  • I truly am glad that you are here to aide Joey in all necessary support to be full participants and learners with other students in the curriculum (pg.17)
  • Joey has a Traumatic Brain Injury which means that he could have impairment to cognition; language; memory; attention;abstract thinking, speech among many other things. It like any other disability can be hard but we will work together with both our different skills. (pg.48)
  • I do not know much about Traumatic Brain Injuries but once I develop an authentic relationship with Joey I will be able to fully understand his strengths, interests,talents,and needs. (pg.52)
  • Joey I see your hand up what did you get to this question?
  • So everyone does anyone think they have the annswer?
  • I love this class. I hope I get called on again!
  • I believe Joey got 9
  • Maybe Ms. Beth will let me answer with Joey!
  • Hey Joey I'm really glad you joined the class, do you want to have a play date after school? I will have my mom call your mom.
  • Yes that sounds like so much fun!
  • I am so happy I am making some new friends, I know my mom will be happy too!