Part 2
Updated: 4/14/2020
Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Fools! You will only incur the wrath of the witch and of the Devil himself,\. Stop this folly! There are safer ways to overcome this problem.
  • It was Feli, the village's mad old man.
  • Don't believe me? Fine. Suffer your agony while I watch. Just remember, I am the only person in this village who knew the witch and saw her die.
  • Ha, Ha, Ha. Old Feli back at it again. Trust me old man, I am a man of the church, I know what I am doing.
  • Gentlemen, let us begin!
  • As the ceremony continued, not all was well in the village
  • Jashua, we must stop the exorciosn, strange omens are happening in the village, our crops are dying and the cattle are escaping
  • How dare you say such things! We must believe in Jashua.
  • As the ceremony reached it's end, a sudden wave of pain and weakness washed over the priests
  • W-what's happening? Why has my body gone numb and my mouth taste like ash?
  • Idiot! I warned you what would've happened! Long ago in my rage I attempted to open a path to hell with this well, but my body died and my sound went into this man. by doing the ceremony you completed my act and opened the path to hell. Forever this land shall be cursed and lie in the hands of the devil!