HAMLET part 1
Updated: 2/10/2020
HAMLET part 1

Storyboard Text

  • It was Claudius who killed me! You must avenge me!
  • Ok, I shall act crazy as to finesse everyone Ito thinking I'm mad
  • After the murder of King Hamlet, his ghost appears telling his son to avenge him
  • This is the very ecstasy of love
  • 'he then meets with his lover Ophelia and acts terrible to her and his father (who works for Claudius) says 'this is the very ecstasy of love right after saying he doesn't love her
  • *shook*
  • Fuming by Hamlet, Claudius sent two of Hamlets old friends to England with a letter telling the king to kill Hamlet
  • Hey! group of actors who are conveniently here when I need you! I need you to put on a play to prove a theory
  • To prove his theory, he forced a group off actors to put on a play about a poisoning to prove his theory about Claudius
  • Who the hell is this guy?
  • However, when speaking with his mother (Gertrude), when hearing a noise from behind some barrels. Hamlet stabbed it hoping for it to be Claudius, however, out fell OPHELIAS DAD
  • You mustn't do it with Claudius until dads ghost tells me to stop mucking around
  • Rosencrantz, Guindenstern, I shall send thou to England with Hamlet, you must spy on him for me
  • On the way to the king of England, however, Hamlet found the letter and switched his name with Rosencrantz and Guindenstern