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Updated: 10/10/2019
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  • Wow oh my god daddy I love the rain!
  • Taking my little son on a walk for the first time...
  • Even though I am walking...
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  • Oh my god man my son you still like the rain even if it is coming straight into your small little eyes and mouth and nose?!
  • Yes daddy! I have been dying to know random facts about water since the beginning of my life!
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  • Ok son, well you can rest up there while I think about my grade 10 chemistry class that happens to be the only class I paid attention to! Oh and by the way, don't be dying to know anything you are barely even born yet!So, let's talk about why water is so weird... LETS GO TO GLACIER TIME HAHAHA!!!
  • Hmm... I'm like 2 minutes old why do I even care lol
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  • Well my son, did you know that water(also known as H2O except the two is in the subscript so its small) is the most common molecule that exists around the Earth in all 3 states of matter? Also, unlike most substances, the solid form of water(ice) is actually less dense than the it's liquid form which is why ice floats in water.
  • My dad so much cool guy...
  • Oh and by the way son I am your dad I can hear every single one of your thought... We are back because I want to. So, water is polar. What's polar? Hehehe you have come to the wrong person but then again, never fear,(look my face now) the internet is here... Water is polar because of it's shape. It is made up of 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom (hence the name, H2O) which makes one of its sides positive, and one side negative. Water's polarity causes a hydrogen bond, which is when the positive end of one molecule attracts the negative side of another.
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  • ok bro whats actually going on how are we back here
  • why are we changing sizes and distorting so much
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  • Because my little guy, sometimes the speech bubble is huge and my face can't reach it so the really talented author has to make me taller or squished down and sometimes he just feels like it so... Anyway, The hydrogen bond explains why water has a higher melting and boiling point than other similar substance. It simply takes more energy to overcome the bonds. Another thing, the hydrogen bonds expand when water freezes. Now that we are home and I let go of you accidentally* I am going to end my wonderful teachings of why water is weird! Goodbye wonderful reader I hope you pass just study and pay attention!!!!!!!
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