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The Tale of Rupert and Billybobina
Updated: 4/17/2020
The Tale of Rupert and Billybobina
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  • Billybobina is looking very fine today
  • wish I could talk to Rupert, he's right there!
  • AHH! Look out it's a crocodile!
  • You are not to see any crocodiles, especially snake venom dealers.
  • Yeah, I got the venom
  • Okay mother.
  • You got the stuff?
  • *Gasp* GRRRRR!
  • Once upon a time there was a young alligator named Billybobina, she was secretly dating a crocodile named Rupert.The two were forbidden to even interact with each other since crocodiles were not allowed to go near any alligators.
  • *looks startled and fearful*
  • Uhh, what are you doing here. I mean do I know you?
  • *Looks very confused*
  • Billybobina was especially prohibited from interacting with Rupert since he was a snake venom dealer. Snake venom dealers were considered very ominous by both alligators and crocodiles.
  • Oh my! Please come this way and tell me more.
  • SMACK!
  • Honey, what's wrong? tell me everything
  • Officer Kenny I know a crocodile who is a venom dealer
  • *Crying*
  • Even though Rupert had a very bad reputation, he was sycophant and basically exhorted Billybobina to date him. One evening she was walking to where the two would rendezvous, she saw Rupert with another girl which made Billybobina furious.
  • *grumble*
  • *crunch, nibble, crunch*
  • She walked over to Rupert and the girl and started an altercation with the two, which caused Rupert to be formidable because Rupert and Billybobina were not supposed to be seen together. Billybobina didn't care, she couldn't believe that Rupert had the audacity to be with another girl at their spot.
  • Billybobina slapped Rupert across the face and ran home to her family. With a grimace on Rupert's face he ran after her but realized he wouldn't be able to make it very far since she ran straight into town.The next day Billybobina went straight to the police and told them about Rupert's profession.
  • He was then arrested and incarcerated and it was eventually found out that Rupert was the boss of the operation and had many other offenses. He was sentences to shark row for his crimes and was eaten after being in prison for 52 years.
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