Updated: 3/22/2020

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  • I'm here to bring you truth to myths about Shakespeare! Here is his grave.
  • Many people thought that Shakespeare hated his wife. This is a common MYTH about Shakespeare.
  • Importantly, William Shakespeare's will points out that he did indeed not hate her. He actually promises her his "second best bed" amongst other things.Now, his second best bed? WHAT! This was most likely their marriage bed, as the best bed of the house would have been saved for guests. But that's not all the proof we have....
  • In fact, Shakespeare agreed to marry Anne Hathaway before the legal age of marriage. He was under the age of consent to marriage, meaning he would have had to approve the marriage with his father.
  • It was said too that Shakespeare left his family and wife in 1597 to write plays. It has been proven that he came back to visit as frequently as possible (during Lent).
  • Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway, wherefore art thou, Anne Hathaway?