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Updated: 5/26/2020
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  • Once upon a time a superhero called hamish found himself in a terrible situation. His city had been put under a freezing spell, and he was the only one left to save it.. Determined to help his town Hamish set off to Gaiprea island, which had a lake that had healing powers. The water from that Grindylow could unfreeze his town and everyone would be free. . . . .
  • He arrived at Gaiprea island ready for the challenges ahead. In the tall trees in front of him were gigantic black spiders. He gulped and hurried into the forest. Hamish held his buckets in his sweaty palms and started to look for Grindylow lake.
  • Screeches echoed in the dim forest as he ducked under low branches, he was not alone. Rustling noises were near him, Hamish’s eyes looked left and right and sitting on a rock was a kneazle. It’s yellow eyes felt as they were burning into Hamish’s soul.
  • Many thoughts and emotions came rushing into Hamish’s mind. The kneazle had driven all the gult, hate, love right from his heart to his head, everything he had said and done was now present in one space. Hamish had to get out of the forest quickly and without the kneazle looking at him.
  • He ran towards an opening and saw that the kneazle was looking tired. When Hamish made it out he looked behind him, it was gone. Relieved, he carried on towards the quagmire plains and just behind it he could see glistening water. He was so close.
  • When he made it to Grindylow lake Hamish saw that it was surrounded but animals as white as snow. They all were watching him as he scooped up the water into his buckets, and vanished into thin air.
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