Updated: 2/25/2020

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  • There was once a king and queen who owned a pretty castle.Everyone loved to visit their castle and when there, they would see Humpty Dumpty.
  • everyone one loved humpty dumpty, everyone except for the stable boy.
  • humpty loved to stand and look over high things, off walls and balconies.
  • What has happened?
  • We need someone to put him together!
  • He was rushed to hospital, and everyone immediately blamed the king for letting him sit so high that he fell.
  • the king was blaming himself and upset. everyone was mad at him!then he overheard a conversation between the stable boy and a friend...
  • I'm glad I pushed him and he is gone now!
  • It was spread across the town the king was not to blame, and everyone was very sorry they did not believe him. Humpty recovered and all was well.
  • It was not the king's fault...
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