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Jimmy Valentine Storyboard
Updated: 10/2/2020
Jimmy Valentine Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • You know... If you break into another safe you will be in here for the rest of your life.
  • Me!? I have never broke into a safe my hole life.
  • When I find you Jimmy, Your going to be in prison forever!
  • I love you to Ralph.
  • I love you Annabel.
  • Ben Price is talking about that he better not break into another safe again or bad things will happen. But Jimmy Valentine says that he has never broke into a safe his hole life, which is a lie.
  • With that little girl locked in the safe, there will not be enough sir for her to breath for a long time!
  • Ben Price finds out that Jimmy Valentine robbed many more safes and says once he finds him, he will arrest him for life.
  • Hey Ben... here are my tools. You can take me to jail now.
  • Jimmy Valentine has became a new person and is happy with Annabel Adams.
  • I think you have the wrong person sir.
  • The little girl Agatha gets locked in the new safe that is very strong. Everyone is scared but Ralph(Jimmy) is about to reveal his identity and break the little girl out.
  • I can break her out right now!
  • Ralph(Jimmy) sees Ben Price walks in and realizes he is about to go to jail. He try's to give Ben his tools but...
  • Ben Price pretends to not know Jimmy and does not take Jimmy to jail because he can see he is a new man. Ben Price then says he does not know Jimmy, then walks away.
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