Shinto Creation Myth
Updated: 4/23/2020
Shinto Creation Myth
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Shinto creation myth for Humanities, Japanese Unit.

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  • There were 2 Gods/Kami in particular, Izanagi and Izanami and they were brother and sister.One day they dropped a spear held by rope into the water and pulled out a lot of mud creating an island.
  • Buddhism
  • After living on the island for a while they fell in love and made a lot more Kami. One time when Izanami was giving birth she gave birth to a fire Kami, so she hid herself in the under world and died peacefully, except Izanagi didn't like that so he went to go find her and when he held up his candle to see her face it was just a rotting corpse so he ran and Izanami chased him. When he left she covered the entrance with a big rock.
  • Shinto
  • Izanami was upset he got locked out so he said "I will kill aa thousand people everyday if you leave." So Izanagi replied "Then I will create one thousand five hundred people everyday. After Izanami had a bath and rubbed his left eye and created Kami of the sun - Amaterasu. When he rubbed his left eye he created Kami of thee moon - Tsukiyomi. Then he washed his nose and created Kami of the sea and storms - Susanoo.
  • After a while as more people discovered Japan there were two religions in particular that were the most popular; Buddhism and Shinto. Even though Shinto is more of a lifestyle it was still very popular with the Indigenous Japanese and their family.
  • Indigenous Japanese introduced Shinto to separte them from Buddhism which was introduced in the 6th century.
  • There are days dedicated to Shintoism, Shinto festivals - Matsuri. Oshogatsu (New Year), Seijin, Haru Matsuri (Spring festivals), Aki Matsuri (Autumn festivals), Shichigosan, Rei-sai (Annual Festival).
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