The Tempest
Updated: 6/16/2020
The Tempest
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  • Father! Why do you sink the ship?
  • But are they Ariel, safe?
  • Not a hair Perish'd
  • My friend!!!
  • Hast thou not dropped from heaven?
  • Prospero was the rightful Duke of Milan but had been banished to an island so when we saw his brother and King Alonso who were the ones who banished him, using his magic, Prospero produced a storm to make their ship land on the Island. Prospero's daughter, Miranda, wasn't happy.
  • I love you!
  • Humph
  • Prospero called on Ariel, who was a spirit of the island and was hoping Prospero would set him free. Prospero told him to make sure no one was hurt and Ferdinand, the kings son, must be alone thinking his father is drowned. When Ariel returned telling Prospero everyone was fine, Prospero rejoiced.
  • Wake up!!!
  • A herd of Lions!
  • We heard a...a...
  • Caliban, a creature of the island who had been enslaved by Prospero, was sheltering from the storm under a blanket. Trinculo, the kings jester, crawled under the blanket too. Stefano, who was a butler, had been washed up on the Island and was drunk. He found Trinculo and the two were happy to see each other. Caliban promised them riches beyond their wildest dreams if they helped him kill Prospero.
  • Sorry Brother
  • Its Fine
  • Ferdinand finds his way to Prospero and Miranda and falls in love with Miranda. Prospero is not happy. Their love blossoms and Prospero Starts to relent to their love.
  • Antonio (Prospero's brother), Alonso (The King), Sebastian (Brother of Alonso) and Gonzalo (Alonso's advisor) are all searching the island for Ferdinand. When Alonso and Gonzalo fall to sleep, Antonio persuades Sebastian to Kill Alonso and Antonio would kill Gonzalo. But just as they prepare to strike Ariel wakes Alonso and Gonzalo. Luckily the 2 attackers find an excuse and the four of them head onwards towards where Prospero is waiting for them.
  • Why are you drawn?
  • In the end Caliban and his friends try to attack Prospero but get driven off. Antonio, Alonso, Sebastian and Gonzalo find Prospero, Miranda and Sebastian and they all rejoice. Prospero forgives Antonio and Alonso and then sets Ariel free.
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