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Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Battle Of Crysler Farm
  • Battle of Plattsburgh
  • Battle Of Queenston Heights
  • Even though the British were outnumbered they fought hard and eventually won and stopped the Americans from taking Montreal as they planned
  • Treaty Of Ghent
  • The British were going to attack New York but then the Americans went to go to the British army and hurt there numbers on lake Champlain and ruined the British plans to take New York
  • The Americans wanted a foothold in Canada so they wanted to attack at Queenston Heights but the British repelled the attack because the Americans lacked strategy
  • The signing of the treaty of Ghent was a peace treaty between the Americans and The British to end the war of 1812 and also reestablish the Netherlands from the take over of the there invaders