uts 2
Updated: 4/8/2021
uts 2

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  • Then they returned to their flocks. Sometimes, they got to the campsite. The state of the place is terrible maybe because it's late afternoon. They put up tents and cleaned the leaves.
  • Ivy feels weird. There can't be a woman in the woods alone. Then she tried to call the woman but was ignored.
  • Ivy, Martha, Alex and Lay split up looking for wood to make a campfire. when ivy is looking to the other side. She saw a woman sitting by a tree. The woman was holding a wooden doll.
  • why? What's she looking at?
  • I'm not afraid. It's still early.
  • Ivy keeps trying and the woman turns around. She screamed and fainted.
  • OK next...
  • It's scary. Are you ready?
  • I saw a woman. She's sitting by a tree and a stuffed doll. When I called, she didn't turn around. After a while, she finally turned around and her face wasn't there.
  • Heard the screams of ivy. Her friends Alex, Lay and Martha came to ivy. They saw ivy fainting and took her to the tent.
  • After a few moments ivy wakes up. She's pale and scared. The teacher and Martha try to calm ivy down. Then ivy tells the story.
  • The teacher asks what happened. It turns out that the police found the body of a woman buried near their camp.
  • Later, they blamed the campfire and some students fell asleep in their tent.
  • the next morning, they prepare to return. on the way, they saw the police and some people in the woods.
  • All the students were terrified to listen to it. Ivy sees her body and she's shocked. It... It's her said ivy.
  • Martha and lay hold the ivy body so as not to fall to the ground. Then, they came out of the woods and went home. Ivy and her friends forget about it.
  • It doesn't feel like time, we're at school now. Thank you Tania. Your story is really good. I'm scared.
  • you're welcome. Next, you have to tell me another story.
  • I'm still a beginner and have a lot to learn but thank you for listening.
  • Of course, I I'll tell you.