Current Electricity scenes
Updated: 7/19/2020
Current Electricity scenes
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  • What is hooman doing looking at that thing?He has been there since yesterday!
  • I know what you are thinking,doggo,NEPA has gone since yesterday!
  • Why is there no electricity since yesterday,Professor?My dog and my friend are sweating!
  • The direction of electric current is taken as opposite to the direction of flow of electrons
  • Alright so, the formula for current is I=Q/T,and its unit is Ampere. An ammeter which is connected in series in a circuit is used to measure current.Remember it next time your exams are next month!
  • I understand your restlessness,Kenneth.Lemme tell you what electricity is as I know you must have forgotten.Electricity is the flow of charges in unit time. Electric current is expressed as the amount of charge flowing through a area in unit time
  • Thank you for listening to our hoomans,until next time,stay safe and thank you! :)
  • might be thinking what is Santa Claus doing in a garden instead of north pole!Well,the creator of this story,Simarpreet,is quite creative. Anyways,bye now I have to take my morning jog!
  • Excuse me Prof,what is the formula of Current and what is its unit?How is it measured?
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