Updated: 12/18/2020

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  • Hashem helped Yitzchak get 100x what he was estimated to get.
  • Yitzchak's farm in Gerar was very successful
  • The people of Gerar were jealous of his success during a famine so they filled up his father's wells
  • The people are jealous of you. Leave now.
  • Yitzchak moves to Nachal Gerar but the people there argue with him over his well
  • Yitzchak tries again unsuccessfully, but on the third try, they let him be. He names it Rechovot because Hashem made space for him.
  • Later, Yitzchak goes to Be'er Sheva where Hashem comes to him in a dream.
  • I am your father's God, Hashem, and I will bless you.
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