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Julius Caesar
Updated: 3/28/2019
Julius Caesar
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  • Foolish Commoners
  • Marullus and Flavius
  • Just Celebrating Caesar; the one who killed our beloved Pompeii!!
  • Commoners
  • PM Explanation: In this picture, commoners are seen celebrating Caesar even after he caused Pompei's demise. This shows the lack of loyalty and commitment to their fallen leader.
  • PM Explanation: In this picture, Antony is seen speaking at Caesar's funeral. Due to Brutus's overwhelming strong desires, he ended up killing his friend off of the mere possibility he would become a tyrant.
  • And Brutus is an Honarable man
  • Where Am I?
  • PM Explanation: Because of Caesar's unawareness towards the ideas of the conspirators, his lack of care for Metulluse's brother, and the unopened letter warning him of his enemy's he was blindsided. 
  • Well let's just say your friend is a real Backstabber
  • Thank you but I shall not accept, why would I want Power and Royalty anyway
  • "Second Commoner. But Actually sir, we are taking the day off to see Caesar and to celebrate his victory. Marullus. Why rejoice? What conquest does he bring home? What captured prisoners follow him to Rome chained to the wheels of his chariot? You blocks, you stones, you are worse than senseless things!"(Shakespeare 6). All day, patiently waiting, to see great Pompey pass through the streets of Rome"( Shakespear 6). Societal ill: Disloyalty - Political message: Without Loyalty and commitment trust cannot be established.
  • PM Explanation:  Caesar refuses the crown 3 times which shows that Caesar is turning down responsibility and has a lack of commitment, therefore, sparking distrust in the eyes of his enemy's.
  • Caesar
  • For you my lord
  • Antony
  • "Whenever the poor have cried, Caesar has wept; Ambition should be made of sterner stuff. But Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honorable man"(Shakespeare 48). "I offered him a kingly crown three times, Which he refused three times. Was this ambition? But Brutus says he was ambitious; And surely he is an honorable man"(Shakespeare 48). Societal ill: Ambition Political message: Ambition and a strong desire for a cause can often blind oneself.
  • PM Explanation: Caesar's hunger for power was so strong that he knowingly strived for the position of a ruler although he knows he was weak.
  • uhhh cmon
  • He is too weak
  • Rome
  • "My hands will speak for me! [They stab Caesar. Casca, the others in turn, then Brutus"(Shakespeare 39).] Societal ill: Heedless Political message: Being aware and attentive towards matters and others could prevent a person from being blindsided.
  • "Brutus. Was the crown offered to him three times? Casca. Yes, indeed, it was! and he pushed it away three times, each time more gently than the others; and every time he pushed it away my honest neighbors shouted"(Shakespeare 12). Societal ill: Gamophobia Political message: Turning away responsibility and lacking in commitment can spark suspicion in others.
  • "To watch him closely and write his speeches in their books,Alas, it cried, "Give me something to drink, Titinius,"Just like a sick girl! You gods! It amazes me That such a weak man should Get ahead of the rest of the worldAnd appear as the victor all by himself"(Shakespeare 10). Societal ill: Hunger for Power Political message: Put yourself in a position that you can handle, if not there might be criticism stress.
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