English Storyboard Project The Tempest
Updated: 1/14/2021
English Storyboard Project The Tempest

Storyboard Text

  • Act I Scene II
  • Father why must you do this? Those are people!
  • My dear, wench, you still have much to learn. It is all because I love you and to exact revenge on the wrong done to us.
  • Act II Scene I
  • My son is dead! Surely he drowned! Oh how it pains my heart and soul!
  • All hope is not lost for I thought I saw him brace the sea and land on shore.
  • Act III Scene I
  • My father appears cruel. Drop the wood and let me take over. I will fight you verbally if I have to. Do you love me? Because I want to marry you!
  • Ah, these tasks are hard but my lady keeps me going and pleases me so.
  • Ah, young love. I am happy for them but 'tis a bit of a concern.
  • Theme: Love can "justify" one's actions and create a resentment from others. In this scene Miranda is asking her father Prospero why he did what he did. And so Prospero tells her about who is on the ship and that they are responsible for their banishment to the island.
  • Theme: From love comes sympathy. In this scene Alonso is expressing his emotions of sadness over the loss of his son Ferdinand. Francisco tries to comfort him by telling Alonso that he thought he saw Ferdinand make it to shore and that all hope should not be given up.
  • Theme: People may be willing to do unwanted tasks for love or are capable of doing tasks they thought difficult because of love. In this scene Ferdinand is tasked with getting firewood by Prospero. When Miranda sees this she demands he drop the wood and she take over. In this scene they both confess their love for each other and proclaim marriage.
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