assignmnet 1
Updated: 2/26/2021
assignmnet 1

Storyboard Text

  • Jass was working on his assignments late at night and felt hungry. As usual, he eats unhealthy greasy food which is not good for his health.
  • Ahh! i am feeling hungry
  • but its too late now. and i am too lasy to cook something becuase i am feeling tired
  • He was very concern about his health as he was facing health issues due to his unhealthy diet routine. So, he decides to find a solution for that. Later, he got a notification on his Facebook account about our food website named "Vegetarian Delight".
  • i always have frozen, greasy and oily food which is not good for my health. As well as, i always disturb my homies with noise of microwave. I need to do some changes in my diet plan but how would i do that.
  • wait..!! i got notification on facebook of a food website-"vegetarian delight"
  • our food website is going to provide him a vegetarian option that contains nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates. He is happy to learn that all things will be under his weekly budget.
  • Oh wow! This is the only 24/7 vegetarian service that i was looking for so long.yeah thats so good! most importantly it is under my weekly budget. WoW!!!
  • There is a list of healthy vegetarian options that can provide me with nutrients, level of satisfaction and also full my tummy.
  • 24/7 open Vegetarian delight
  • To solve the problem of fresh and hot food, our website will provide him with the on-time delivery of food. So that he can enjoy his hot meals directly after finishing his work. Also, he can pay on delivery.
  • The website will provide me fresh food on-time. so, my issue of disturbing others will be solved.
  • Dinner for today
  • He can make modifications to his diet menu according to his own wish. if he is not well and wants to eat some light food. He can give us a notification 2 or 3 hours before. That makes him happy.
  • okay!! what if i want to make changes in my diet menu??
  • Finally, he finds a solution to his problem.
  • Ahmmmm!! i am sooo happy.
  • After a one week free trial, he starts using our website happily as he really likes the service and quality of the food.