Token Economies
Updated: 2/14/2020
Token Economies
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Storyboard Description

This strategy is when the teacher uses a system in which students receive a token, voucher, or points when they meet expectations. They can then exchange these tokens, vouchers, or points for privileges, activities, or items. In this cartoon we see that the teacher wants the students to sing with correct posture so she talks about the lesson on the chalk board, then they practice singing and using that posture, at the end we see a discussion for why they need the posture and then the teacher fills the chart in the right corner with stars for correct behavior and because the chart is full the teacher tells the students they get a free day the next class period

Storyboard Text

  • When we sing we must have both hands at our side and our feet shoulder width apart
  • why is this important
  • So as a result I have fill in your good behavior chart and next time we meet you will get to have a free day to do what you would like
  • You all did great with the singing posture today
  • Yay. we cant wait to learn more and play games next class
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