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That's a Funny Theory
Updated: 9/8/2020
That's a Funny Theory
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  • Yah, I was actually struggling with understanding the current atomic theory, and some early ideas about atoms
  • I want to go over the atomic theory with you because you didn't do so great on it on your last test. Is there anything specific you wanted to go over?
  • oh okay, thank you
  • First we are going to start off with John Dalton, who believed that all atoms from a certain element are the same, but they are different from atoms from all the other elements. His model of each atom was a sphere that was unique to each element
  • So J.J Thomson was the one who discovered electrons
  • The current atomic theory is based on the works of many scientists. Dalton's idea that atoms are the basic unit of matter and that atoms of each element are unique is kept in the current theory. Thomson's and Rutherford's experiments show that atoms are made of protons and electrons. Rutherford's student, Chadwick discovered that the nucleus contains uncharged particles called neutrons. The current theory also suggests that electrons move within an area around the nucleus called the electron cloud.
  • Then J.J Thomson experimented and found evidence that atoms are made up of ever smaller particles within an atom that have a negative charge which later became known as electrons
  • Ernest Rutherford discovered proton.
  • After J.J Thomson, Ernest Rutherford held experiments to study the parts of an atom. He found out that atoms have a nucleus, which is made of smaller particles, and he called the positively charged particles protons
  • Niels Bohr created a new theory about how electrons behaved.
  • Niels Bohr made a new theory about how the electrons in an atom behaved (theory was that atoms move around the nucleus in circular paths, each a certain distance from the nucleus.
  • The current atomic theory bases off of many ideas scientists found.
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