Facts About the layers of the Earth

Updated: 5/12/2020
Facts About the layers of the Earth

Storyboard Text

  • The atmosphere is made up of five layers. Isn't that interesting!
  • And humans live in one of the layers of the atmosphere called troposphere., the first layer of all the five layers.
  • Also the atmosphere is really important because it protects us from the sun's most dangerous rays.
  • Did you know that an Atmosphere is a layer or a set of layer of gas surrounding are planet
  • Hi guys, it's Mr. Wheeler and in today's science class we will be talking about the layers of the earth. Who has some facts.
  • Wow so cool!!!
  • Tak, Lak, Mak the Moon does not Tak, Lak, Mak have an Atmosphere. Tak, Lak, Mak It's to small.
  • Boom, Chalk ya ... the Atmosphere is about 300 miles Boom, Chalk ya THIK .
  • Welcome to music room! I would like everyone to invent a song about the subject they like. And I would like the song to have a rhythm. I would prefer to continue the science facts, so it can be original and fun. Good luck!
  • Lala, lala, tirara the Exosphere Lala, lala, tirara is the highest layer of all the layers. Lala, lala, tirara it is before we traverse it before going to space.
  • LALA, TIRA, LALA....
  • Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer?
  • The END!
  • Which layer of the atmosphere has the highest density of gas molecules? And why?
  • Which two atmospheric layers have temperature profiles that promote convection?
  • Now we are heading to the museum of science. Who has some questions about the atmosphere that they want to ask, to the scientists and workers.