Updated: 7/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • More problem?
  • They also not able to solve problems, create something because they know nothing with low learning ability.
  • If people become no intelligence, what will change?
  • If most people have no professional skills, almost all of our industry will disappear and medicine can not heal people any more.
  • and what?
  • If people forget how to fix problem, they will make more garbage and also have food crisis.
  • If a president is stupid, he will make some bad decision that change the relationship with other nations and make people in a predicament.
  • If a leader of nation is incompetent, what will happen?
  • What ending will come?
  • If no one can create new and fix problem, people will start wars for existing resources.
  • What is your conclusion?
  • SMART should make babies and fertility rate of STUPID should be under control.