the odyssey story board
Updated: 12/12/2019
the odyssey story board
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  • Man VS Nature
  • What are you doing here!!!
  • Man VS Man
  • It is I who will claim my precious Penelope
  • Man VS Society
  • Odysseus and his men come across a cyclops after sailing at a island looking for food. Odysseus had to figure out how to escape from the cave to protect his men.
  • Man VS Feelings
  • oh Odysseus I'm very sad that all of your men died, we will give you food and water
  • This shows man vs man because while odysseus was on his long journey, he made a promise to his wife to marry someone else if he doesn't return and he is off to face all of the men who wants to claim Penelope
  • Man VS Supernatural
  • You've turn all of my men in to animal!!!
  • Odysseus and his men are forced to sail to the battle of troy
  • Man VS Thoughts
  • After the attack of the hydra Odysseus lost all of his men and was left alone stranded on a island with only women.
  • I've lost everything, all my men and family:(
  • Odysseus's men have been turned into animals when they run into Circe looking for food and Odysseus goes to go rescue them
  • Is there a problem
  • Odysseus changes into a old man so his wife Penelope wouldn't know it was him so he can see if she's been loyal to her for 20 years
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