Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy
Updated: 5/8/2020
Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy

Storyboard Text

  • Why do you want To Start Using Represenitive democracy?
  • I want to switch because I think it is easier and better for the people
  • Well, also some people might lie about what they think. They could turn against their friends.
  • When all the people have a chance to talk laws are better and less bias.
  • With the new ways we would have less people at gatherings and would not need a huge jury.
  • Those selected people can still do what they want and ignore the people. How can you stop that from happening?
  • Selected representatives can listen to their people do and what they say.
  • But, other citizens can vote. Also a citizen can talk to his family and friends about what they think is fair.
  • I guess you can't control that. But, in Athens citizens can go against other people
  • That is true, but If they don't agree with a law they can vote against it or say what they think is right to the crowd. Direct Democracy should stay in Athens.
  • You are right about that. Maybe Direct Democracy is better for Athens.
  • If you really do hate it though, you can always move to Rome!