Witch of Blackbird Pond
Updated: 2/13/2020
Witch of Blackbird Pond

Storyboard Text

  • William
  • Chapter 7- Before the Fire
  • Rachel
  • Mercy
  • Matthew
  • Kit
  • Judith
  • John
  • Chapter 11- Gifts
  • Kit
  • Prudence
  • Chapter 17- Escape
  • Hannah
  • Nat
  • Kit
  • William comes to call on Kit for the first time and, after a short, awkward conversation, Kit, the Woods, John, and William all eat POPCORN! I chose this name because most of this chapter takes place in front of the fire, AND before Hannah's home is set ablaze.
  • The first gift is Mercy's gift of patience, and then Prudence gives a bouquet to Kit. Soon, Kit starts giving Prudence reading lessons, before bringing her to Hannah Tupper's home, where she is given a cat and some cake. Shown is Prudence's third lesson.
  • In Chapter 17, Hannah Tupper's home is burned to the ground by an angry mob of witch-hunters. Thankfully, Kit helps her up and they escape into the forest just in time. Here, Nat, a friend of the "witch," is helping Hannah into the Dolphin, which will sail her to safety.