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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Theme
Updated: 11/5/2019
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Theme
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  • Evidence 1: When Goodman's car goes on everyone was blaming him that he was an alien.
  • Theme: Blaming others and trying to find a scapegoat can lead into loss of friendship.
  • Evidence 2: Everyone on Maple Street blames Steve because he spends hours in his basement.
  • Evidence 3: When Pete is walking back Charlie shots him.
  • One major theme of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" by Rod Serling is blaming others and trying to find a scapegoat can lead into loss of friendship. Don said "He got the car started somehow. He got his car started!" Man one said "How come his car just up and started like that? All by itself. He was not anywhere near it. It started all by itself.” Don said " He never did come out to look at that thing that flew overhead. He was not interested. Why? Why did not he come out with the rest of us too?" Charlie said "He was always an oddball him and his family." Don said "What do you say we ask him." Goodman said" Just do not understand it. I tried to start it and it would not start. All of you saw me. I do not understand. I swear I do not understand what's happening?" Don said "Maybe you better tells us. Nothing's working on this street. Nothing. No lights, no power, no radio. Nothing expect one car yours." This shows the theme of blaming others and trying to find a scapegoat can lead to loss of friendship, because this led to an argument and some arguments lead into loss of friendship. Evidence 2: Charlie said "I think everything might as well as as come out now. Your wife done plenty of talking." Steve said " about how odd you are Charlie go ahead, tell us what she said." Steve said" Go ahead , whats my wife say? Let's get it all out . Let's pick out every idiosyncrasy of every single man, woman, and child on the street. And then we might as well set up some kind of kangaroo court. How about a firing squad at dawn, Charlie, so we can get rid of all the suspects. Narrow them down. Make it easier for you." Don said " There's no need gettin' so upset, Steve. It's just...well... Myra's talked about how there's been plenty of nights you spent nights you spent hours down in your basement working' on some kind of radio or something. None of us have ever seen that radio." Charlie said " Go ahead Steve. What kind of "radio set" your working on? I never seen it. Neither has anyone else. Who you talk to on that radio set? And who talks to you." This shows the theme best , because everyone is blaming Steve just because he spends hours in the basement they are picking at him just because his idiosyncrasy, and good friends do not do this, could lead into loss of friendship. Evidence 3: Tommy said "It's a monster. It's a monster." Don said "We may need this." Steve said "A shotgun? Good Lord- will anybody think a thought around here? Will you people wise up? What good would a shotgun do against-" Charlie said "No more talk, Steve. You 're going talk us into a grave! You'd Let whatever's out there walk right over us, would not yuh? Well some of us won't." Charlie rises the gun and then shots. This supports the theme, because they are trying to find a scapegoat and then the process Charlie shots Pete without looking if it's him.
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