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Updated: 5/8/2020
twet3fh n5ght

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  • 3.Sebastian- Thank you Antonio, i really needed some protection.Did you want money for being my bodyguard? or can i repay you for taking me out.
  • 1. Sebastian-Sorry i didn't mean to annoy you, but i would like it if you helped me i wont tell you to stop.
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  • 5.Sebastian-Oh but please i really want to hang out today. I don''t want to go to school and get bullied again
  • 4.Antonio- Sorry i'm busy today, we can hang out tomorrow. We can see if theirs any other schools you can go to
  • 2. Antonio-I couldn't just let you go after what happened, i needed to tell you the right thing to do. I was worried about you getting bullied again. Since your only new to the area you don''t know much about the people and what there like. You don''t have any friends and its tough going to a new school without knowing anyone. no one will protect you so i will.
  • 6.Sebastian- Why are you giving me your wallet?
  • 2. Sebastian- Dam how much money did you steal?
  • 4.Sebastian- Then don''t look suspicious.
  • 3.Antonio- Everyone else who stole the money repaid it back to the bank, and because i was the only one you didn't i will get time in jail.
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  • 5.Antonio- Your right, i will give you some new money to go to a new school and live in a new town.
  • 5.Antonio- Your right, i will give you some money to go to a new school and live in a new town.
  • 1.Antonio- Sorry but i cant hang out today. The streets are dangerous for me to walk through. I robbed a bank and if the police see me i will get arrested.
  • 2.Sebastian-Bye
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  • 1.Antonio-Okay bye