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Chemistry Story board
Updated: 11/27/2017
Chemistry Story board
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  • hey! its Sacagawea and i'm going to tell you about how I made it on a coin. They said I was a strong symbol for women and wanted to put me on the coin
  • Your's truly was designed by Glenna Goodacre in the US mint in 2000 and released in 2002-2008
  • The coin of me and my baby is composed of 77% copper, 12% zinc, 7% manganese and 4% nickel they are all transitional metals on the periodic table
  • coppers atomic mass and #: 65.3, 29, Zincs atomic mass and #: 65, 30, Manganese atomic mass and #: 55, 25, and nickels atomic mass and # is: 59, 28 
  • Nickel is found in Canada, Russia, Sweden, Indonesia and Australia mined underground and processed by extractive metallurgy
  • copper is found in the middle east it is mined using copper ore processing processed pyrometallurgy
  • zinc is found in Germany mined from underground and extracted in ores and processed by smelting
  • manganese is found in India and Africa mined in an open pit and processed Hydro metallurgy, Electrolytic 
  • The process of how the metals are manufactured and the metals they chose can easily be recyclable. The scrap metal can be remelted and reused to keep making the coins. 
  • The average lifespan of the dollar coin is 30 years!
  • The coin is made in a mint where the metals are melted down and made into blanks and that mold is shrunk down to the size of the coin and they are pressed on with the design
  • I hope you guys enjoyed learning about my coin and decide to use it in the future instead of the paper dollar!
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