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Updated: 4/3/2021
1st Storyboard

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  • "A Lie That Brought Us Together"
  • Irene..
  • Mommy...
  • "A Lie that Brought Us Together"by Keith
  • Xyrene, this is Matilda and Zoey.
  • Xyrene Cole is a model daughter, even when she is a kid. Their family owned a construction Company.
  • But a tragic event happens and broke their family. Her mother died from an accident.
  • Daddy...
  • Wade...
  • And as a model daughter she would do anything to make her father happy again after her mother died. Even to accept a stepmother.
  • Her father married Matilda Marquez a single mother that has a slight resemblance to her mother. And has a daughter named Zoey Marquez a 13 years old girl
  • After 5 years, her father was diagnosed with a disease and soon died, leaving her with her abusive stepmother and sister.