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The Great Gatsby
Updated: 10/16/2020
The Great Gatsby
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  • Wealth
  • Social Class
  • The American Dream
  • Chapter 5 of the Great Gatsby explores a date between Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby shows off as much stuff as he can including his library. His books were uncut which means he bought so many books, but doesn't read any of them.
  • Love, Desire, Relationships
  • Chapter 3 introduces Gatsby's luxurious parties. His guests show up from everywhere in fancy cars. It is easy to see how high in the social class these people are based on there luxurious clothes and cars.
  • Death and Failure
  • In chapter 6, readers learn about the past of Gatsby. He was a fisherman and was very poor. The American Dream inspired him to work to end up rich. He did this and ended up with endless hope and money.
  • Morality and Ethics
  • In chapter 7 he way Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, and Myrtle lives are all destroyed or changed by their search for love is very obvious. Their love is all based on lies and their desire for more. Myrtle and Gatsby are both killed due to their unhealthy relationships.
  • In chapter 7 Myrtle dies and both Gatsby and Wilson in 8 because of jealousy and relationships. There is irony that Daisy hits her husband’s mistress with a car and kills her. Gatsby dies because of this and he doesn’t tell Tom or Wilson that he’s not the one that hit Myrtle because he loved Daisy.
  • In chapter 9, Nick and Henry Gatz are the only people that decided to attend Gatsby's funeral. This shows how they truly cared about their friend or son. Other people took his death as a sign to go back to their lives, but Nick kept his morals and attended his friends funeral.
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