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Re Project
Updated: 5/9/2018
Re Project
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  • There is too much sin in the world. You are the only loyal one left.
  • I agree. The world has become corrupt. Thank you for recognising my faithfulness
  • I want you to build an ark, and save two of each animal, a male and it's mate.
  • I will flood the earth, and destroy all the evil in it.
  • God was unhappy with what the world was becoming, so he called on Noah to speak with him.
  • He told Noah to build an ark and to save two of each species of animal, a Male and its mate. He told him also to save his wife and sons, and the wives of his sons.
  • So, following God's exact instructions,he began the monumental task.
  • I am sorry. I promise to never destroy what I have created again.
  • Good decision.
  • And eventually, it was done. God then sent rain for 40 days and 40 nights, and this caused a great flood.
  • The flood cleansed the world of all life, except, of course, Noah. Noah sent out a dove to find out if the flood was finished, and the dove brought back an olive branch.
  • God made a covenant with Noah, and, all mankind, to never destroy what he had created again.
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