JAYLIN hero or zero project
Updated: 11/25/2019
JAYLIN hero or zero project

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  • Why odyssues is the OG from Greek 03 Written by: Jaylin A. Williams
  • Hi my name is jaylin and here are the things that make a hero to me.They have to be loyal,smart,selfless,and admitting to be wrong an hero in my category. like Thor,Iron Man, captain America and Odyssues .And speaking of Odyssues we have him today as a special guest.introduce your self odyssues.
  • Hello My name is Odyssues, son of larates, king of Ithaca.And i'm an hero to many or a false leader but i had my ups and my downs.In my opinion my greatest hamartia is my pride and being so stubborn at times and that has gotten many men killed and i'm sorry for the wife,childern.
  • But do not forget about my heroic acts. I could've left those two soldiers with the lotus but i made a promise to bring them back to there family in ithaca. and also when i was in the cyclops cave with my men i was the one who thought of a way to get out of there the sheep and the wine.
  • And i am the most loyal man ever sometimes i might of sleep with some women but come on they were to die for women but i stood with menelaus for ten years on the beach so i can get his wife back and thought of something to defeat the trojan and end the war well i told my story flaws and great moment. see ya.
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