pt 2
Updated: 6/7/2020
pt 2
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  • What we know as the universe is only really what we have observed. There is so much more.
  • What we know is only a small window of the complete universe.
  • This is because that light has not reached us yet.
  • There are three models in which Multiverse Universes are explained
  • First is the Bubble Effect
  • This is the explanation that the other parts of the universe are too far away,
  • or, are inside black holes so we will never see them
  • Our world could only ever exist in our own universe because bubble universes are thought to have different laws of physics, otherwise our earth couldn't form. Scary!
  • #2, Membranes
  • The Membrane explanation, or "extra dimensions" proposes that our 3-dimensional world is actually contained inside of a 9-dimensional world
  • This allows for there to be other worlds just like ours, called "membranes"
  • The third model is "many worlds"
  • This proposes that all possibilities come true in alternate timelines
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