part two of social studies
Updated: 11/13/2020
part two of social studies

Storyboard Text

  • 1st continental congress
  • We need to show we can't be contained
  • Are we going to allow this tyrant to take over Boston. It is American, not British. Weather you like it or not, we are now American
  • They have went to far
  • 2nd continental congress
  • Can't we continue to boycott
  • We either band together as Americans, or stay chained
  • Battle of lexington
  • I was told they where only burning ammo carrying carts
  • The British found a hold of weapons, they would have burned the city
  • As a reaction to the intolerable acts, representatives from around the colonies come to a meeting. They will discuses the very future.
  • After the battle of Lexington and concord, the leaders meet again. They will decide how to react to there recent triumph. and weather to boycott, or fight
  • A major defeat on the British side resulting in 274 people wounded, or dead.