Storyboard Assignment 18-3
Updated: 4/15/2020
Storyboard Assignment 18-3

Storyboard Text

  • Black Hills
  • Gold?
  • Sitting Bull
  • On behalf of the US government, I am prepared to offer you up to $100 million for the Black Hills you are settled on.
  • I cannot accept this offer. My people are settled here, and we do not intend to leave soon.
  • A Native American tribe called the Sioux went to live in the Black Hills of the Dakotas due to a treaty with the US government. No white person is even allowed to pass through the hill.
  • The Sioux and The Cheyenne
  • Because the were rumors that the Black Hills had gold, General Custer led an army expedition that confirmed there was gold in the Black Hills.
  • The Battle of Little Big Horn
  • The US government did not protect the Sioux's rights.
  • The End
  • Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and another Sioux chief join Sioux and Cheyenne warriors along the Little Big Horn River.
  • On June 25, 1876 General George A. Custer led the Seventh Calvary to attack the Indians at Little Big Horn River.
  • General Custer only brought 250 men while the Sioux had thousands. Everyone Custer brought with him, including himself, were killed in the battle.